Surge Protection, Lightning Protection

If you know the amount of damage power surges can cause, you will make sure surge protection devices are installed.Or if you already have them, you will have them carefully inspected to verify that they are functioning well. Power surges can significantly curtail the service life of your home appliances and electronic gadgets. In severe casesexplosions occur. Aside from damaging your devices, they can result to disastrous fire emergencies as well.

What is a power surge in the first place? A power surge occurs when the electrical voltage that runs through your electrical lines rises above normal. This is not good for your appliances. A rise of electrical voltage can flow into your gadgets causing damage. A power surge protector regulates the excess voltage during power surges. Because power surges occur without notice, it is highly essential that you have surge protection devices all over your home.This way you are always protected.

Brown Electric can perform a complete evaluation of your electrical system to confirm if you have surge protectors installed.Or if the surge protection devices you have are still functional. Rest assured, your electrical system is in skilled hands with our team. Our services are also very friendly to your budget and won’t cost you a fortune. Contact us now, so that we can send our first-rate electrical team your way. Let’s get those surge protectors installed or fixed!

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